“The best stage sound we've ever had. Even with a seven-person band, vocals, strings and rapidly changing parts. The audience was very happy, as well. Absolutely relaxed, friendly and professional cooperation. Warmest recommendation!”

Why A Live-Record?

Producing a live record has many advantages. It is the most cost-effective way of recording all your songs. No pressure of expensive running studio hours. Capture the unique live atmosphere and your inspiration that is often hard to recreate in the studio.

Here Is What You’ll Get

On the evening itself I will be your front of house engineer providing you with superb stage and monitoring sound which lets you forget about all the technical aspects so you can focus on your best performance and engagement with the crowd.

We will always bring our own professional equipment as we know it inside out and can therefore guarantee super-quick soundchecks, superb monitor and stage sound as well as high-quality recordings for your record.

After the show we will mix and master the tracks and cut the concert track by track. You will receive individual wav and mp3 files for printing physical CDs or publishing on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube or any other platform of your choice.

Recording | Mixing | Mastering
Clear Stage Sound!
Transparent Monitoring!

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