De-Harshing An Electric Guitar Recording

De-Harshing An Electric Guitar Recording

Needles hurt, especially in your ears and sometimes electric guitar recordings can give you that pleasure.

If your ears get tired of listening to a song, even more on higher volumes, it might those high harsh frequencies (resonances) you can’t hear at the first glance but perceive subconsciously none the less.

Those noises can result from or depend on the quality of all parts of the signal chain, guitar, cables, amp, pedals etc.

We use a simple equalizer to extract those pinches. To work faster, loop the area (note), where you suspect the issue, solo a band and sweep around until you find the exact spot. Boost the band to make sure you there and then cut as little as possible but as much as is needed.

Bad neighbours, similar problems, might occur right next it each other, so make sure to check the frequency area with at least one other band.

Since we make areas in the higher mids quieter this way the overall guitar sound gets darker. In this case case it helps the mood of the whole song. Furthermore, the solo is being played in a very high position on the guitar-neck making it audible quite well anyway. But you should check if the guitar cuts through the others guitar while listen in context of the whole mix. 

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